Vib Fit Form

What is VibFitForm

It is complete news in our salon. It is an apparatus on which based on vibrating platform quick muscle contractions happens. By placing a trainee on that platform in different positions we achieve contractions of various muscles and muscle groups in very high intervals. Application of this exercise lasts only 12 minutes thank to high intensity of muscles movements. Through the number of positions and different frequency that are possible to be applied VibFitForm is suitable for different age categories.

Why it works

VibFitForm consists of vibrating platform on which you do recommended positions. Vibrations of this platform cause very fast rotation of contraction and relaxation in muscles. This high frequency of vibrations makes sure that you exercise only 12 minutes because strong vibrations of the platform of the apparatus make the exercise highly intensive.

Effects of VibFitForm

By this short, however intensive exercise you will achieve fast firming of all body muscles, especially thighs, arms and belly.

How to reach maximum result

It is optimal to do exercise on VibFitForm 3 x per week.


  • febrile disorders
  • osteoporosis
  • locomotive system diseases

What is necessary to bring

T-shirt, long or three-quarter sweat pants, and socks.

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