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Vacu Fit and Vacu Thermal are revolutionary apparatuses from one producer with which you will achieve visible results on problematic parts such as belly, hips, bottom and thighs. It is dealt with fast and efficient burning of fat and figure shaping during a 30-minute aerobic activity in a special cabin. Both apparatuses are based on the same principle. It is enough to exercise a 30-minute aerobic activity because in the cabin there is situated accelerator of fat burning – vaccum and infra rays!

What is the difference between these two apparatuses? Vacu Fit was the first of its type, in its cabin there is situated classical treadmill and during the exercise vacuum is created in the cabin. During the fast walk in vacuum cabin effective fat burning happens.

Vacu Thermal is a newer type of these slimming apparatuses. In the cabin there is an elliptic simulator as a different type of an aerobic exercise and at the same time infrared heater that similarly to vacuum in classical Vacu Fit speeds up fat burning.

In our place you can find 3 apparatuses of this type - 2 apparatuses Vacu Thermal and 1 Vacu Fit.

Why it works

During exercises on Vacu fit you walk on the treadmill and lower part of the body is closed in the vacuum cabin. By influence of vacuum, strong repletion of skin and fat tissue on belly, thighs and bottom happens. Traction of vacuum soaks blood into fat tissue from where the fat is transported to muscle cells where it gets burnt definitively in the movement. Fat gets burnt at reaching a certain heart rate. During the exercise on Vacu Fit you have perfect overview of height of heart rate with the possibility of speed regulation and gradient of treadmill, by which we reduce load of joints and spine.

During the exercise on Vacu Fit on the display there is shown your current pulse rate. In Vacu Fit you move by quick walk, you do not run because fat burning is three times more demanding for oxygen than for insulin burning, and therefore it is necessary to move in medium intensity in order not to gasp for air, but to breathe sufficiently. Due to acting of vacuum on the lower part of the body, in Vacu Fit fat starts to burn yet after 10 minutes of exercise! It is much sooner than without vacuum acting. In common atmosphere fat starts to get burnt after 30 minutes of exercise. Vacuum also causes invigorating of lymph that is responsible for releasing harmful substances emerging during natural metabolism. The result is that we get rid of fat and skin will gain smoother and firmer appearance without cellulitis.

Vacu Thermal is a similar apparatus inspired by elliptic movement known from the device of Orbi Trek type and at the same time in the cabin there are infra rays, you exercise in fact in the environment of infra-sauna. In-depth action of infra rays manages to clean skin, improve blood circulation and oxygenate it. It helps drift out water and rid the body of unwanted toxins. In combination with elliptic movement the body gets warmed-up, vessels get widened, effective results are achieved in cellulitis removal. Intensive heat and sweating arising from that enable skin to get rid of fat, water and toxins that enlarge volume and appear as cellulitis. The advantage is also safety of application, which is confirmed by a fact that infrared light imitates heat similar to the energy of the Sun heat, and influences also other regenerating and treating processes of the body.

Which one to choose

We recommend to try both types of apparatuses, and decide which is more suitable for you. Generally, elliptic type of movement in Vacu Thermal is considered a bit more demanding than treadmill in Vacu Fit. For heat and sweating lovers we recommend Vacu Thermal. However, it is ideal to alternate these apparatuses because the body gets used to one type of load and does not reach maximum slimming effect. For one season ticket you can exercise on both of these apparatuses.

Effects of Vacu Fit and Vacu Thermal

  • fast and significant fat burning on belly, hips, bottom and thighs
  • figure shaping
  • acts against cellulitis, skin is after regular exercise smoother and softer
  • improving circulation of blood and lymph, body detoxification
  • increase of vitality

How to reach maximum results

For significant effect we recommend three exercises per week, for stabilization of achieved results it is enough exercise in Vacu Fit once or twice per week. For maximum effect it is brilliant to spread anticellulitis cream before the exercise in Vacu Fit.


  • cardiac pacemaker
  • inflammation in body
  • pregnancy
  • hypo and hypertension
  • epilepsy
  • thyroid disorder
  • venous inflammations
  • thrombosis
  • open wounds
  • taking antibiotics
  • asthma

What is necessary to bring

For maximum action of vacuum on problematic parts it is convenient to bring shorts and for comfortable walking trainers.

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