Hot stone massage

Very few massages can bring such pleasant feelings as massage with hot lava stones. This type of massage with its effects is able to satisfy even the most demanding clients. Imagine the heat coming out of volcanic stones that penetrates deeply into your stiff muscles combined with massage. It is perfect relax of the body and mind, it reliefs stress and tension, excellently stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system.

Black stones of volcanic origin are used for the massage. They are heated in the water bath. The massage itself is performed with these hot stones, lasting 90 minutes. During the massage also features of Thai massage are used, which in combination with hot stones have high therapeutic and relaxation effect. Stones gradually heat all body and harmonize the body, mind and soul. For increasing the effect we use heated exotic aromatic oils that reinforce feeling of deep relaxation. You will rest perfectly and long after the massage you will feel heat from the stones.

Effects of massage:

  • heat application helps eliminate pain in muscles and joints,
  • perfectly reliefs stress,
  • stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system,
  • metabolism gets improved,
  • relaxation increases and nerves , nerve terminals soothe,
  • helps body detoxification,
  • puts energy in the body into balance,
  • excellent with back and joints pain.

To reach the best possible effect it is necessary to perform application of several massages in a row within one treatment.


  • infectious diseases (hepatitis, HIV, warts,…)
  • acaulinosis and mycosis
  • high blood pressure
  • varices
  • open wounds and bruises
  • heightened sensitivity to heat
  • latter operations
  • sun burns
  • pregnancy

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